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November 17, 2003

The poppet plays the game

Your thoughts are important ,
They deserve fine paper
- a recent message from the universe

That popped into my head this afternoon, as I excitedly tried to remember what I wanted to post. I wrote a note to myself on the on the palest pink, thick piece of paper. It was great. It's nice to have things popping into my thoughts, I spent so many years without them. That' s probably what my weak lung chi is about (have I failed to mention my weak lung chi before? I have that and too much heat in my liver and a couple of other conditions that I fail to fully comprehend. I am taking Chinese herbs to correct these conditions, so not to worry. ) Weak lung chi usually means grief. Could it be my sorrow for so many years of being silent and ashamed.

So here's the thought. I just began a book this afternoon called "Women's Reality: An Emerging Female System in a White Male Society" by Anne Wilson Schaef". It is not an angry book, it is just trying to get us fishies to observe the fact that we are immersed in water, in a bowl, and there are other bowls in which we could be swimming, not to mention lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. See goldfish entries

Schaef's premise is that white Males in the White Male System cannot know that their system is one of many, since they never, being white males, have an urge to leave the system. Many other systems buy into or are coerced by the Great Myths of White Male Society. Here are the Four Great Myths

1. The White Male System is the only one that exists

2. The White Male System is innately superior (an indirect acknowledgement that other systems exist)

3. The White Male System knows and understands everything.

4. It is possible to be totally logical, rational and objective.

She concludes "If the White Male System is the only system that exists, if white males are innately superior, if they know and understand everything, and if they can be totally logical, rational and objective, then they can be God - at least the way the Male System defines God."

I looked at my earlier entry - the purpose of a poppet and saw that my poppet adheres closely to the practices of the White Male System, which is probably why I am so furious with her. She happens to be a woman (lucky for me), so I can feel strong negative emotions and look at my projections onto her without feeling too scared. Do I hate those parts of myself that I project will be punished by the White Male System? I often feel scared about what I write in this blog. Hmmmm..m It's more likely that I want some of what she has. Oh dear.

Posted by Dakota at November 17, 2003 08:14 PM