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November 12, 2003

Dream 10-13-03

Meet up with an old boyfriend on the street by accident. (In reality he was an Austrian ski instructor, a Harvard graduate student married to a medical student, a sociopath and probably a past member of Nazi youth. One of the fine selections of my earlier life.) He takes me home and I am in bed with him. His wife is outside the bedroom, but he says not to worry. Then she comes in the room, but, to my great relief, she doesn't look at me. Her attention is drawn to the TV at the end of the bed. She sits down on the end of the bed to watch with a few others. I hide under the covers, unnoticed. I see an opportunity for escape. I run through a side door which leads downstairs into a concourse. The concourse is tiled with small tiles, a variey of deep autumnal colors, quite ugly. I walk through the concourse into a cafeteria. From the cafeteria I go upstairs into an underground parking lot. There is a luminous sleek sportscar parked in the parking lot, surrounded by admirers. My friend Eli is standing beside me. She says that she saw a luninous car like this, but it was a VW bug. I am very excited because I have also seen the luminous VW. (In reality, but couldn't get my camera out in time to document it). The VW was shades of pale pink, blue and gray - the sportscar was deeper tones of magenta, ultramarine blue and green. I go out on the street and walk several blocks, then, return through the concourse, think about stopping in the cafeteria for a coffee to go, but don't, and get to the lobby of a building. I step onto an elevator, operated by a young woman with long, brown hair. The elevator goes up quickly. I say "Oops, I meant to get off on the first floor". The operator is annoyed with me and tells me I will have to ride up higher while she lets others off before I can go down again. I am going higher than I expected and I feel a little out of control. (Oh well, what's a girl to do)

This dream is probably about my journey, escape from trauma (old boyfriend, oedipal triangle of my family) through the concourse (the unconcious), the cafeteria (self soothing with oral gratifications), finding the luminous sportscar, still a little underground, (finding my life force energy) and going up higher in the elevator than I intended when I started and feeling a little scared about where I am (the bardo??)

Posted by Dakota at November 12, 2003 06:47 AM