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November 09, 2003

the shadow of the gate



Notice that these pictures are shadows. In this case the shadows are more interesting than the gates themselves (though the gates are very cute, but not photo cute). Message: sometimes the unconscious is more interesting than the conscious.

These pictures are also stars and stripes in shadow. A political statement, if ever I heard one. from the universe. Message: The USA is being governed by unconciousness, and what a cute collection of unconciousnesses we have. They are ready to eradicate "evil" - spewing projections all over, while neglecting to take even a peek into their own dark sides (don't have any mam, it's all out there, especially in Islamic countries)

Notice also the waves. Lately it has been my intention to add more theta brainwaves into my life. Haven't done much research, but Elmer Green, the developer of biofeedback, is very big on theta brainwave training for full human potential development. I fancy that I am entraining my theta brainwaves each morning for an hour with Centerpointe Research meditation tapes. I just do my regular meditation thing to a CD with rain sounds and temple bells. I am currrently the proud listener of level one of Purification, having completed levels one through four of Awakening. Going from Awakening level three to level four was a killer. My whole body seized and my fascia burned for nine months. Only Chinese massage and cranial sacral treatment has helped. I like to think that I was doing so much that my life force energy got stronger than my body could handle. My body is getting better. The pain has gone from burning to dull ache.

More on brainwaves. My friend Bill is trying to sell his brainwave machine which he was using theraputically in his practice for a time - I can have it for $4500, he paid $10,000. I can buy cheaper theta. Do thinK I should try it before he sells it. He says he is very bored by the work he ends up doing with the machine, and is back to just talking to people. He says being in theta is being spaced out. I think that Elmer Green thinks being in theta is useful for channeling, and I would agree. Came across in my reading this week more about brainwaves of the alpha sort. They are produced when we are thinking. Active alcoholics produce minimal alpha. When they were alpha trained, they lost interest in their addiction. Then the researcher went on to theta training his subjects and that's where I fell asleep last night.

Let's alpha train GWB, He was an addict and alcoholic wasn't he? He'll be horrified to see what he's done when he gets some alpha going. I think GWB is our first alcoholic president. I could be wrong. Gave it up all by himself too, or was it the Christian cure. We don't hear much about his "recovery" - probably because it never happened. He's what's known as a "dry" drunk, no alcohol, worse behavior because the feelings the alcohol managed are now unmedicated and free to be felt. That usually pisses the dry drunk off more than ever.

Posted by Dakota at November 9, 2003 07:04 PM