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November 02, 2003








Goldfish have been prominent this week. I was tapped to goldfish-sit by my landlord at the office who is going to the Far East for three weeks. I am to feed the goldfish in the pond outback (see photos) They need to be fed when it's warm. When it gets cold, they sink, and go into coma, theta, like the Tibetan monks in caves. There is a custodial diagreement in the matter of feeding. Dad says feed, mom says they'll be fine without food, and that dad feeds himself too much too. It was seventy degrees on Novemember first, yesterday, not conducive to goldfish coma. So, softy that I am, I fed the fish, a tiny bit. Of course, I took pictures of them, none of which are spectacular. I will post one for the purpose of symbolic picture trails.

On a parallel note, I hunted down a large plastic goldfish for the newborn child of a favorite person of mine. I am told they are a distinctive gift by others who have received them, because you can always recognize your child's toy in a pile at a playgroup. In the spirit of abundant hoarderhood, I bought four. I sent one off, and took some pictures of the others, atop the washing machine, in the washing machine, frolicking in the yard. (The same thing happened when real swans presented themselves to be shot, plastic swans also popped up. Those photos aren't as amusing as the goldfish, since the plastic swans weren't mine and I didn't feel free to manipulate them.)

And then there is the matter of the miracle picture -- the one with the lichen, beside the fishpond. It was just there waiting for me while I took pictures of the fish, screaming "Japanese print, Japanese print".

Addendum: Today, at brunch I noticed a young man in line with a goldfish on his Tshirt. The fish was overstruck with red lines, but it was a yellow fish all right. I think this counts in the synchronicity department. The shirt said "Isis" under the fish. (U Of Chicago publication?) I was too shy to take a picture. I was seated next to him during the meal (two inches away) close enough to eavesdrop.

Addendum two: Two days later, on mentioning goldfish as the theme of the week, a shaman of my acquaintance said she had seen a great commercial on PBS about a goldfish wishing to be a salmon and escaping his bowl. A bold goldfish adventure ensues which ends with the goldfish leaping from a bridge into a river teeming with salmon. She subsequently had a dream (last week) about being led by a goldfish on a journey of the spirit.

Love this synchronicity!

Think I'll put these photos in sequence and write agoldfish adventure childrens' book.

Ten years of therapy in one night

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